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Ethical Recycling in South Africa

We are a registered body that commits its members to the highest degree of business ethics.We have a diverse membership base made up of organisations that are engaged in the collection and processing of more than 80% of all scrap metal in South Africa for benefaction by downstream industry.

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The MRA gives its members regular updates about industry relevant regulations and response to the public. It is committed to helping transform the image of the recycling sector in the public eye.

Up to date information regarding the regulation of the industry

The news section of the website is kept up to date with policy documentation, communication from government, and response of the MRA on relevant topics in day to day business practice.

The metal behind the industry

The scrap metal recycling businesses’ purchase, sort, process and sell both ferrous scrap metal and non-ferrous scrap metal as secondary raw material for beneficiation by the local and international industry.

The Metal Recyclers Association of South Africa (MRA) was founded in 1942 and is a SAPS accredited employer association, representing approximately 80% of the Metal Recycling Industry by volume.

The MRA has a diverse membership base located across the country, comprising formal organisations engaged in the collection and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, for the purpose of raw material supply to the downstream manufacturing industry (foundries, mini-mills and mills).

Membership is voluntary and the association regulates members in terms of Second Hand Goods Act of 2009 and the MRA’s constitution. The association’s constitution incorporates a code-of-conduct which commits its members to a high degree of business ethics.

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Are you involved in the Scrap Metal Recycling Industry? Become a member of the MRA. We are an active organisation that is committed to keeping our members informed about the relevant legislation in South Africa

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We have members throughout South Africa. Make use of our member locator to find a scrap metal recycling business near you. Member are vetted and run their yards according to the guidelines set out out by us.

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