SAPS Instruction concerning the Second Hand Goods Licence for a scrap metal broker/trader


The requirements for registration as a second-hand goods dealer is also applicable on a “Trader”.  Even though the “Trader” may not physically take possession of any goods, he/she must still be registered under the Second-Hand Goods Act, 2009. The premises that will be registered is the address where his/her office is. All provisions in terms of the SHG Act, 2009 will be applicable on the “Trader” [eg. Keeping of Records (Sect 21), Reporting of False Information or Stolen Goods (Sect 22), Restrictions on Dealers (Sect 23), Reporting of Burnt Cable (Sect 25(4)), etc.].


Also see paragraph 13 of the attached Divisional Instruction 1 of 2015. Although I have referred to an “Exporter” at the time the directive was drafted (for a lack of a better collective name at the time), the same rules will apply to all “Traders”, whether they import/export internationally or just facilitate trading locally within the boundaries of the RSA.


SAPS therefore MUST register a “Trader” and if the application is approved, issue the “Trader” with a SAPS 601(a) – Certificate of Registration as a Second-Hand Goods Dealer. A “Trader” will not be registered as a Recycler [SAPS 601(b)].


Please feel free to provide me with the details of any SAPS member who does not comply with the above and my office will deal with the matter personally.



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